FIPA 2018 Judging criteria

Judging Process

The students should not wear anything that reveals their respective schools. Each team (food manufacturer and students) will be given ten minutes to present their product (including tasting) and the commercialisation plan. This will be followed by five minutes of Q&A.

The judges may smell, taste and feel the products, wherever applicable. The judges will evaluate the performance of each team according to the criteria listed.

Functional Aspect

Scores in this category would be considered for Most Functional Award

  • Are nutrition and health aspects considered in the development of the product?
  • Has the team examined functional ingredients trend? High calcium, low GI, low sugar, etc?
  • Are the health claims aligned with food regulations?
  • Is the taste acceptable in general?


Scores in this category would be considered for Most Innovative Award

  • How new or innovative is this concept?
  • How does the new concept value-add to the company’s existing product line or business?
  • Is the product’s uniqueness easy to explain to customers?
  • Did the team demonstrate the design thinking process during the product conceptualisation, e.g. How well has the team examined the consumers’ need and the product-market fit?


Scores in this category would be considered for Best Convenience Food Award

  • How quickly can the product be prepared, e.g. packaging is easy to use and functional?
  • Are health aspects and nutrient value considered for the ready-to-eat meal and/or beverage?
  • How receptive will the target consumer(s) be willing to try and consume the ready-to-eat meal?


Scores in this category would be considered for Best Packaging Award

  • How attractive and functional is the packaging?
  • Are considerations given for the target consumer(s), e.g. how will an elderly open a coffee bag, type of packaging used for RTE microwavable or retort packed, etc?
  • Does the packaging serves specific purpose, e.g. traps heat longer, prolong shelf-life?
  • Is the packaging environmental friendly?

Commercialisation Plan

Scores in this category would be considered for Best Market Potential Award

  • Does the team have a sound market launch strategy?
  • Does the company have the capability to adjust, produce and deliver this prototype into an actual product?
  • Has the team assess the suitability of the product for local market and the “exportability” of the product?
  • What are the additional distribution channels for the new product, e.g. opening B2B segments, supermarkets, restaurants, e-commerce, etc?