The Food Innovation Product Award (FIPA) 2018 is open to all food orfood-related course students in local Institutes of Higher Learning from Institute of Technical Education, Polytechnics and Universities.

Both SFMA and non SFMA members are eligible to participate in thiscompetition.



Innovative, Ready-to-Eat and Functional food products.



Food Manufacturers and student teams will co-develop new product prototypesand/or innovate existing productsto meetconsumer and market needs.

New product prototypes should consider with packaging design with nutritionlabel.

New product prototypes must not have been presented in any competition or launched in any marketin Singapore or overseas.


Participation Fee

Both SFMA and non-SFMA members are eligible to participate in this competition. The participation fee shall be at:

S$1,800 per product for SFMA members

S$2,000 per product for non-SFMA members



The workshops andcompetition will be conducted in English.


Entry Form

All entries must be submitted in the prescribed formduly completed and signed.

The entry form and the crossed cheque must be received by SFMA on or before 30 June 2017.



The following timeline shall be strictly adhered.

Date Description
26 May 2017 Submission of entry forms and cheques by manufacturers
5 Jul 2017 Matching session of Food Manufacturer and IHLs
26 Jul 2017 Workshop Series #1: Market & Consumer Insights
20 Sep 2017 Workshop Series #2: Ideation & Prototyping through Design Thinking 1
27 Sep 2017 Workshop Series #3: Ideation & Prototyping through Design Thinking 2
25 Oct 2017 Workshop Series #4: Productivity & Process Development
1 Nov 2017 Workshop Series #5: Marketing and Pitching
10 Jan 2018 Workshop Series #6: Packaging Innovation & Evaluation
28 Mar 2018 Judging Session
19 Apr 2018 FIPA 2018 Award Ceremony


Competition Format

The food manufacturer and student teams from the IHLs are encouraged to form teams prior to the registration. A matching session will also be conducted to match the FM to a suitable IHL. The session will be a sharing platform by IHL for FM to understand the capabilities of the various IHLs and which suits their needs best.

Not more than three students from the same IHL under the supervision of a teaching member will form a team to work with the food manufacturer to develop a new product or to innovate an existing product.

The concept can either come from the manufacturer or the students decided by the manufacturer.

The teaching member shall act as a coordinator between the manufacturer and the student team and be allowed to supervise more than one team in the competition.

The food manufacturer shall provide the raw material, facilities (if informed) and information (if necessary) for the new product development.

SFMA will provide a working fund of up to $500 per team to defray the operating costs. The monies will be issued to the IHLs to avoid any misusage.


Judging Day

The judging session will be performed by a panel of independent judges appointed by SFMA.


The judging criteria are as follows:



Scores in this category would be considered for Most Innovative Award

·How new or innovative is this concept?

·How does the new concept value-add to the company’s existing product line or business?

·Is the product’s uniqueness easy to explain to customers?

·Did the team demonstrate design thinking process during the product conceptualisation, e.g. How well has the team examined the consumers’ need and the product-market fit?

Functional Aspect

Scores in this category would be considered for Most Functional Award

·What are the nutrition and health considerations in the development of the product?

·Has the team examined functional foods trend when developing this product? High calcium, low GI, low sugar, etc.?

·Are the health claims aligned with food regulations?

·Is the taste acceptable in general?

·Have they done any sensory evaluation or consumer acceptance study?


Scores in this category would be considered for Best Convenience Food Award

·Can the products be prepared easily (For example, cooking methods, time required to prepare, consistency of the food using different cooking methods, etc.)

·Has the team performed any customer validation/ acceptance study on this product?

·Is the taste/mouthfeel different compared to freshly prepared meals?


Scores in this category would be considered for Best Packaging Award

·How attractive and functional is the packaging?

·Is the packaging easy to handle, e.g. Is the film easy to tear, will the packaging be easy to handle when hot  (for RTE), etc. 

·Are considerations given for the target consumer(s), e.g. how will an elderly open a coffee bag, type of packaging used for RTE microwavable or retort packed, etc.?

·Is the packaging functional?

·Is the packaging environmental friendly?

Commercialisation Plan

Scores in this category would be considered for Best Market Potential Award

·Does the team have a sound market launch strategy?

·Does the company have the capability to adjust, produce and deliver this prototype into an actual product?

·Has the team assess the suitability of the product for local market and the “exportability” of the product? Any identified overseas markets and how are the products positioned for it?

·What are the additional distribution channels for the new product, e.g. opening B2B segments, supermarkets, restaurants, e-commerce, etc.?


The team is required to prepare the following:

A write-up of 1 paragraph of your product according to each judging criteria (not more than 2 pages)

Presentation slides

Food product tasting


Award Categories

The following awards shall be given to the winners:

Food Manufacturer Student
Most Innovative Award Cash Prize of $1500 Cash Prize of $500
Most Functional Award Cash Prize of $1500 Cash Prize of $500
Best Market Potential Award Cash Prize of $1500 Cash Prize of $500
Best Convenience Food Award Cash Prize of $1500 Cash Prize of $500
Best Packaging Award Cash Prize of $1500 Cash Prize of $500


Commercialisation support will be extended to the winning companies with the most innovative product concepts and scalable commercialisation plans. These incentives, supported by SPRING Singapore and administered by SFMA, will cover qualifying costs of product and market testing, product prototype development and market launch strategies in local and global markets.


First Rights of Refusal

The first rights of refusal for the product concept and package shall be awarded to the food manufacturer for further development and commercialization. If the food manufacturer declines the product concept in writing, the IHL shall own the rights of the product.



The results shall be announced on 19 April 2018 during the FIPA 2018 Award Ceremony.

All award winners shall have the rights to make a public announcement in advertisements or other promotional materials subject to the approval of SFMA.


Enhanced Internship Programme under SFMA’s SME Talent Programme

In order to have a more holistic teamwork between the IHL and food manufacturers, the company can engage the IHL as interns for up to 6 months in their company to work on the FIPA project through SFMA’s SME Talent Programme.


Information is accurate as of 2 June 2017